I’m confused about the Pate a Choux in the pan. Is it 2 layers of pate a choux that I am supposed to bake? One on top of the other?

This is my first foray into a pate a choux so please excuse my ignorance.

Éclair Cake
Recipe question for: Éclair Cake


Nancy February 4, 2022
Reread step 2 in directions. Baje 2 squares of pastry side by side.
Nancy February 4, 2022
That should read: bake 2 squares of pastry side by side.
MRSBRIANBRENNAN February 4, 2022
How will 2 pieces in an 8” square pan become 2 x 8” if it’s halved? I’m trying to picture this and use the picture posted to judge this. Like I said, I have never done a Pate a choux. It seems that it would be too short to be a top and a bottom? Does it puff up that much? And it doesn’t run into the other piece? Thank you in advance.
Nancy February 4, 2022
Step 5 explains the assembly, where author tells you to trim both the baked squares so that they fit into the square pan. One goes on the bottom. Then the cream filling. Then the second pate a choux. Then the chocolate.
Sorry, but I don't see any halving. Nor any 2" measure.
Maybe someone else can help.
Good luck - all pate a choux are light and delicious!
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