How to make this recipe vegan for one dinner guest

Making this favorite dish for my son's bday but have one guest who is vegan. Made extra sauce on the side for her, what is the best substitute for cream?



Teresa C. January 31, 2023
Most of the time, I omit the cream at the end of the recipe. It does not need it at all! Hope you enjoy it this way!!
Nancy February 4, 2022
Glad to help! Happy birthday for your son and all those celebrating with him!
Nancy February 3, 2022
I cooked vegetarian and vegan fir a long time. Keep in mind for vegan you'll need to remove both cream and cheese.
Either just omit, use some plant-based milk (full fat if you can get it) and vegan cheese.
If you or your guest don't like those, throw in some vegan protein (good beans, nuts, grilled tempeh or tofu) or some more pepper and salt to make up for the salt that would have come from the cheese.
Lillypad February 4, 2022
Thank you so much!!
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