Hey friends--need wine pairings -- ham, gruyere/cheddar mac-n-cheese, roasted fingerlings, mustard sauce, pineapple stuffing...thx!

  • Posted by: Laura_K
  • April 23, 2011


BoulderFoodie April 23, 2011
I think either a Pinot Noir or chardonnay would go best with everything you are serving. Sounds like a lovely meal!
usuba D. April 23, 2011
Having grown up in the ham business (we produced Yorkshire style hams), our family always had Alsatian Gewurtztraminer . . .the saltiness of the ham was softened by the fruit & spice of the wine. Gewurtz is a red grape that is made into a white wine, so it has body to stand up to the ham. Be careful, some Gewurtz can be too sweet, so ask you wine merchant for advice.
SKK April 23, 2011
How about one of the wonderful sauvignon-blancs from Marlborough region of New Zealand? What I love about most of them is their citrus notes. A good lower priced one is Oyster Bay - about $10.00 here in Seattle. And you can go higher if you choose.
dymnyno April 23, 2011
Well, unfortunately you don't want a big red, like a cab sav with this! Pinot Noir is probably the most go with everything red wine ever. If it is for a lunch, I might like a nice rose'. Or, maybe a nice buttery chardonnay
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