Suggested substitute for nuts (so the allergic can enjoy this one)?

Any thoughts on a substitute for the cashews (for the allergic)? I often swap in pepitas but not sure that would work here…

  • Posted by: P-R
  • February 8, 2022


AntoniaJames February 10, 2022
Or perhaps some smooth sunflower seed butter . . . . . and top the soup with a combination of toasted pepitas and toasted sunflower seeds. ;o)
Emma L. February 8, 2022
Hi! I haven't tried making milk with raw pepitas but that sounds super good. Another thought: tahini plus water.
Nancy February 8, 2022
If you want the crunch of the nuts and protein, use cooked beans roasted until crunchy (garbanzos are good, or your choice).
If protein not important, use croutons.
Nancy February 9, 2022
I was thinking of the ones used for garnish. For the walnut water, I agree with thinned out tahini.
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