What size bundt cake pan is used?

Recipe does not state what size pan to use. I only have a 4 cup bundt pan but would love to make this recipe. If a larger pan is required, can I cut down the recipe?

Shari cawley
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Sweet Cream Bundt Cake
Recipe question for: Sweet Cream Bundt Cake

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702551 February 9, 2022
The answer is buried in the comments (April 30, 2014) toward the end of the 96 reviews: 12-cup bundt pan per the recipe author.

One commenter begins with "Wish I skimmed the comments... Soggy... Gross... Ended up in trash and my dinner guests had no dessert."

Read through all of the comments. There are a *LOT* of failed bakes along with observations about grossly insufficient baking times, metallic flavors from the large quantity of baking powder, and other unpleasantries experienced by some but not all who attempted this recipe.

Best of luck.
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