is the savory tart from nice, pissaladiere, too salty?

i've never had it but many like it. if u've been to nice, chances are u tried it. would like to know what u think. if u've made it, did u prefer to use a less salty olive? do u rinse the anchovies repeatedly?

  • Posted by: alan
  • February 14, 2022


drbabs February 14, 2022
To make pissaladiere less salty, you could reduce the anchovies and/or use less salty olives. This recipe from chefjune uses broccoli rabe in addition to the anchovies and olives. You can see in the recipe that she recommends different olives. I’m not familiar with all of them, but I’m guessing some are saltier than others. Good luck!!
Nancy February 14, 2022
I've had pissaladiere and liked it.
But saltiness is a personal preference and, for some, a health issue.
Looking at a few recipes just now, I see most have about 2 anchovies per serving and various amounts of olive.
Perhaps try a recipe from a reliable source (James Beard Foundation, Julia Child, The Spruce Eats, various French bloggers in English or French, various reliable magazines - Bon Appetite, Food and Wine).
Do a test run.
Make dough as instructed. Add toppings per recipe to one side, and half the measure to the other side. Bake and taste. See which you like better, and which you think customers would like better.
alan February 15, 2022
i personally lean towards salty. my sister does not and yet she loves anchovies and olives. i read reviews after posting and many people love it. i had planned to make it various ways and rinsing the anchovies and olives is one idea. i'll make sure to use really good anchovies as well. if only 10% of people like it (i'm sure it'll b more), it's worth being able to make it. Tx
Nancy February 15, 2022
For really good anchovies, look for one of the brands reviewed and recommended in linked article.
When I can find them, I get the ones packed in jars, usually Italian from Sicily.
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