how to use beeswax to line a mold

i'm making cannelés for the 1st time. recipe says to line the copper molds w beeswax/butter. i did so, but i fear the coating is too thick and may impart too much wax. i saw one video where the amateur chef turned the mold face down to drain when she filled it (i simply poured it out but it still left so much wax) and she did it a 2nd time after baking the mold for 10 mins.

is there a difference between food-grade beeswax and nonfood-grade? i hope i didn't buy the wrong kind. i'm tempted to heat the molds tomorrow and drain the wax out and then just brush them w melted butter. i'm prepared for my 1st time to b merely a test drive. would b nice if someone who's made cannelés responds. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • March 6, 2022


Happygoin March 6, 2022
So funny! I just made caneles for the first time two days ago. Ive always bought them at my local French bakery and decided to try them at home.

I bought a canele pan on Amazon because I didn’t want to fiddle with beeswax. It’s by Chefmade and it worked perfectly on the first try.

At any rate, I believe the beeswax is supposed to be mixed with clarified butter. I wonder if that’s why your wax was too thick and gobbed up your pans?
Nancy March 7, 2022
Food network has a recipe that looks good and yes uses the mixture of butter and beeswax.
Also, it recommends thin coating if molds by using a pastry brush.
alan March 7, 2022
the youtube "beth's canele's" is informative. she had success w carbon steel. i didn't pay the outrageous price for 12 copper molds she cites. i got them on amazon and i'm glad i got copper as i think they will give the best result. i also bought a pizza steel. so while i think u can get a delicious result w/o these 2 purchases, i think mine will b superior.

as far as the beeswax, i read after i posted that mauviel (mine might not b mauviel but it doesn't matter) recommends baking the molds w the beeswax/butter mix for 10 mins. at 400 then turning them over to drain and let them cool. i'm following bruno albouze's recipe and he doesn't mention clarified butter but i read someone online who "studied" canele's and claimed it's necessary. i'm going to do the 10 min. seasoning. then i'll fill them a 2nd time, but this time i'll turn them over after i fill the mold. bruno's molds looked quite thick w beeswax and beeswax i've learned has a nice scent. so i'm treating my 1st attempt as a learning experience. it would b great if they come out perfectly the 1st time of course.
Nancy March 7, 2022
Sounds like you have plenty more ideas and techniques to be getting on with.
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