Is there really double the feta than tomatoes?

Just wanting to check on amounts, as it looks like alot of feta compared to tomatoes. And I'm not sure if I can find feta in liquid. Will crumbled pkgd feta work?

  • Posted by: cindy
  • March 18, 2022


702551 March 19, 2022
Crumbled feta is an inferior product, made domestically from cow's milk rather than authentic imported Greek feta which is made from sheep's milk.

Almost all crumbled feta also includes an anticaking agent like cellulose or potato starch.

As mentioned by AJ, you are free to change the proportions yourself, this preparation is very forgiving. Personally I would just go by my own taste buds.

I would also go with genuine feta cheese imported from Greece especially because the feta flavor is the one of the two dominant components.

Best of luck.
cindy March 19, 2022
Thank you! I will look for Greek Feta.
AntoniaJames March 19, 2022
Sun-dried tomatoes have a strong, almost concentrated flavor, so it would make sense that you would not need as much tomato as feta. I'd go with the recipe as written - and if you think you'd like more tomato, then add some. This seems like quite a forgiving recipe, in terms of quantities and their ratio.

As for using crumbled feta, I'd say that yes, you certainly could use it. Crumbled feta tends not to be as flavorful, or briny tasting, as that which is sold in brine, so be sure to check for salt, adding more if you think it's necessary. You might want to a add a touch more white wine or red wine vinegar, too, to brighten it up. ;o)
cindy March 19, 2022
Thank you Antonia. I do wonder what it might be like if I subbed goat cheese for the feta !
AntoniaJames March 19, 2022
if you love goat cheese and the product you have is not too creamy, I'm guessing that goat cheese would work beautifully! I'm not a big fan of all goat cheeses, but I had some about ten years ago (made by my beautiful, clever sister) that I am certain would be marvelous in this recipe. If you try it, do let us know how it turns out, please. ;o)
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