Can you offer any make ahead Tips?

I would like to serve these at an upcoming party I’m catering and would need to prepare them at least a day in advance. Please advise if cupcakes should be refrigerated and if merengue can be prepared in advance. I can torch on site and possibly frost on site, but cannot prepare merengue or fill cupcakes on site. Thanks.

Chef Jil


aargersi April 13, 2022
You could probably fill and chill the cupcakes and make the merengue in advance but honestly for what you want to do I’d find a different recipe or at the very least do a test run. My main concerns would be the cupcakes getting soggy overnight and the merengue weeping.
These sound amazing but I wouldn’t make my first run a catering experiment!
Chef J. April 13, 2022
Those were my concerns as well. I have an opportunity to do a test run, but I just don't see the merengue keeping for as long as I need it to. Many other choices so I'll leave this recipe for a different time. Thanks for the input.
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