What is the process to make ahead cupcakes? When is the earliest time I can frost them in advance?

Having a large party. Can I make ahead and freeze cupcakes? Frost or unfrosted? When is the right time to thaw and frost? When is the earliest to frost ahead of time?Are there better types of cupcakes and frosting to make ahead of time?

  • Posted by: bmbohn
  • April 1, 2012


CarlaCooks April 2, 2012
If you want to frost the cupcakes a day or more ahead of the party, I recommend this frosting. It may seem weird to use milk and flour, but the frosting tastes great and holds its shape for a long time: http://tastykitchen.com/blog/2010/03/a-tasty-recipe-thats-the-best-frosting-ive-ever-had/

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hardlikearmour April 1, 2012
Yes. Freeze unfrosted. Wrap tightly. Thaw then frost. Thaw and frost either the night before or the morning of. You can make buttercream ahead, just rebeat at room temp before using. Or make a cream cheese frosting when you're ready to frost.
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