Can these buns be baked as batards?

Looking at the weight of the dough and surmising that this would also work as 2 Batards instead of 12 buns, yes? Or is the enriched dough too heavy to bake up as batards?

Erin Bloys
Sourdough Pan di Ramerino
Recipe question for: Sourdough Pan di Ramerino


Maurizio L. April 14, 2022
This would be a very challenging dough to shape as a batard, it's very sticky dough and quite soft, also, it may not bake up super nice. I could definitely see the dough as a pan loaf, though!
Erin B. April 14, 2022
Thanks for your response, Maurizio. I have a pullman pan from Germany with strange proportions - extra long and super skinny. I think I'll try it in that!
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