Does anyone have Emma's spaghetti recipe?

I saw a YouTube version and didn't write it down. It was so fun and simple. The recipe used sun dried tomatoes and sauteed capers. I can't remember what else.
Please, does anyone out there have this recipe? Kinda desperate here! Thank you all so much!



Kathleen April 27, 2022
I thank everyone for their help! This recipe will most likely be in continuous rotation in my kitchen!
AntoniaJames April 27, 2022
I usually use Google in the first instance, but was curious to see what would happen if I used the search engine on this site to find this, so I entered these search terms: "spaghetti sun-dried tomatoes capers". Emma's recipe was the first in the offered results. If for whatever reason it was not showing on that first page, I would have checked "test-kitchen approved" in the box on the left on the results page, which I imagine would have brought it up the rankings. ;o)
702551 April 24, 2022
An Internet search finds the recipe:

using the search parameters "spaghetti emma".

This search works on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. I used the latter and it's the first hit.
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