What size loaf pan, and explain lining

I have two sizes of loaf pans. 9X5 and 8X4. both sizes require different times of cooking. What is the pan size this recipe calls for? Also, lining the pan? with what? parchment paper, on the bottom, or sides as well. This looks like a great recipe I would like to try, but the details are lacking

Lemon and coconut quick bread
Recipe question for: Lemon and coconut quick bread


drbabs April 27, 2022
It looks like this recipe hasn’t been tested, but quick breads like this are usually pretty forgiving. You could use either pan— just keep testing and don’t pull it out till you’re sure the center is fully baked. I’d probably just heavily butter or pan spray the pan, but you can line it with parchment if you prefer that. If you’d rather make a lemon loaf recipe that has been tested, I’ve made this one https://food52.com/recipes/4933-grilled-lemon-cake-with-strawberries-and-lemon-thyme-cream— it’s really good— you could just fold coconut into the batter, and follow the instructions on this recipe for the glaze and topping. Good luck.
Nancy April 27, 2022
Just one more idea.
One technique for lining baking pan, is to first grease with butter, then place a long piece of parchment paper across the pan, with overlap of a few inches on each side.
Then, after baking and cooling the cake, grasp the side flaps of paper to easily lift the cake out.
anneemarr April 28, 2022
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