What is the yield? And typo in step 6.

Heading says 24, but steps 6 says this “ or until the cookies are golden on top, browned around the edges and slightly soft in the Makes about 38 cookies center; they’ll firm as they cool.” Obviously an error in placement, but wondering about the reference to makes 38 cookies.

  • Posted by: Donna
  • April 27, 2022


AntoniaJames April 27, 2022
That appears to be a random keystroke error - those words dropped into the middle of the sentence in the instructions. (It's happened to me before!) I looked at this recipe elsewhere on the internet, finding another instance in which it says 24, with no mention of 38. I'm quite certain this recipe for caramel crunch-chocolate chunklet cookies will make 24 if made as instructed in the recipe. ;o)
AntoniaJames April 29, 2022
I let the Genius team know about this. The error has been corrected. ;o)
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