Caramel Crunch Chocolate Chip cookies

Hi, made these cookies this weekend and found the dough to be VERY dry. Used the timing/brown top suggestion and they turned out very hard. Suggestions? Also, I live at 7500 feet - any suggestions would be helpful.

Jacci Gruninger


Jacci G. May 17, 2022
Thanks so much for all of the references.
Miss_Karen May 17, 2022
There is a cookbook called 'Pie in the Sky' by Susan Purdy. She does various charts for several elevations. I use this book as a reference. Find a recipe that is similar and use the corresponding chart.
I agree with the KAF comments, and Colorado reference completely! I live at 6035ft...(In Colorado)
AntoniaJames May 17, 2022
Yes, "Pie in the Sky" is indispensable at higher elevations. It's my bible, here at 5,000 ft (also CO, Boulder County, on the high plains). A good rule of thumb for cookies is to add a tablespoon or two of water, one a time, to combat the inevitable extreme dryness.

Here's another resource I really like, which I hope you find useful:

Good luck! ;o)
AntoniaJames May 17, 2022
One more thing . . . the Purdy book provides a table with conversion information showing adjusted ingredient quantities, baking times and temperatures, rack position (key here), etc. at each of sea level, 3,000 ft, 5,000 ft, 7,000 ft and 10,000 ft - so helpful when traveling around the state (well, the 5K, 7K and 10K details). And also, it's not just about pies - it includes just about anything you'd bake! ;o)
702551 May 16, 2022
I suggest you also read the high-altitude baking article from King Arthur Flours:

since they are a reputable source of information and also cover more than just cookies.

They also provide links to more detailed high-altitude baking guides from Colorado State University Extension and New Mexico State University.

Since ingredients behave differently at altitude, you cannot rely on ratios in sea-level recipes.
drbabs May 16, 2022
Is this the recipe you’re referring to?

Did you use a scale to measure the dry ingredients? Because it sounds like your dry to wet ratio was off. It’s also possible that you overworked the flour.

But it could also have to do with the altitude. Here are some recommendations for adjusting a cookie recipe in high altitude:
Jacci G. May 16, 2022
Yes and thanks. I didn't use a scale but will do so the next time I make them. Thanks also for the high altitude article
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