Photo of roasted Blueberry pie

Why does the photo look like pie is part strawberries or cherries?

Roasted Blueberry Pie
Recipe question for: Roasted Blueberry Pie


702551 June 5, 2022
My guess is that the photo is not of the pie in the printed recipe.

Watch the video at the 0:56 moment where she pours a mixture of assorted berries into a crust. It appears that this pie was used for the photo illustrating this recipe. The photo itself is a poor image indicating that this was not a professional executed still shot but almost certainly a frame grab from the video.

That is unsurprising since this recipe was posted at the height of the pandemic and it would have been unlikely for her to have a full still photo and video crew on site for the usual array of staged beauty shots.
702551 June 5, 2022
Another clue that this is not a still image is the fact that the photo credit neither mentions the photographer nor the food stylist. Only a a generic "Photo by Food52" attribution is provided.
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