can you cook ribs part of time in a cockpot than finish in the oven?

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1 Comment

702551 August 2, 2022
Yes, you probably can although you will risk losing some/much of the flavor of the meat into whatever cooking liquid the ribs are immersed in during their time in the crockpot.

You could try to reduce this liquid and add it back as a sauce but fundamentally the better approach is not to draw out flavor from the original ingredient with the hope of adding it back in at a later time.

For sure, it will eventually fully cook and be edible. Will it be satisfactory for the people at your dinner table? As good as if you hadn't taken any convenient shortcuts? Only you will discover that answer.

For me, this is not the type of shortcut I would attempt. I often cook ribs covered in foil in the oven before finishing them on the grill. This method keeps the flavor in the meat -- where I want it.

Best of luck.
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