Can Filo pastry be used as an alternative without ruining it as it is 'so much healthier'?

G'day, Iv never baked in my life (microwave or pan please lol) but I miss NZ pies so much being stuck in the UK last 15 years, so I was sent your recipe and have gone out and bought everything, right down to measuring spoons etc ;) I have high cholesterol and have been told to cut down massively on all fat, saturated, salt, sugar etc So I just cooked up everything and left it to cool while I researched via Google for healthier alternatives to Puff pastry (everything is made with shortcrust in the UK apart from Puka Pies brand which is puff an the closest you will get to an nz pie ie steak and puff, but no cheese in any pie here) and have found 'all' pastry unless you change the flavour massively by going for whole wheat etc and cancer-causing oils like palm/rapeseed oil, is really high in fat including saturated fat...Except, Filo pastry, which apparently is very thin sheets and folks put butter on the sheets and layer them, but one can use a wee spray of Olive oil instead.. so, rather than rush out and buy some filo sheets and all the ingredients to try this, I thought to ask you lot lol Thanks in advance and yes I'll post feedback (and photos if site allows?) when I cook these up tomorrow.. cheers all.

lost kiwi boy
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Nancy August 7, 2022
Hope this helps - my substitution bible recommends filo/phyllo pastry as a healthier alternative for regular pie pastry.
By analogy, it is most probably a healthier replacement for puff pastry.
Good luck recreating your NZ pie!
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