Is there any way to grill the lettuce in advance?

I would like to take this to a potluck.

Anne Marie
Fully Grilled Caesar Salad
Recipe question for: Fully Grilled Caesar Salad


HalfPint September 7, 2022
Agree with Nancy. The grilled lettuce will not hold well if they sit for hours.

Since the lettuce only grills for at most 2 minutes, it might be a better plan to prep them to be grill-ready and the dressing in advance. Then grill them right before you eat.
Nancy September 5, 2022
Lettuce hot off the grill can be great; grilled lettuce sitting several hours less great.
If you mostly want to take a grilled salad to the pot luck, use a recipe featuring other vegetables, like corn and sweet peppers.
If you mostly want to take a Caesar salad, use a classic (ungrilled) recipe.
Nancy September 5, 2022
Other vegetables - that is, sturdier ones which will hold their shape better after the grilling.
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