precise gram measurments please?

Could you please add gram measurments? Intenational home bakers, like me, will appreciate it a lot. thank you kindly. Greetings from the Netherlands.

B(re)ake Free NL
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1 Comment

702551 September 9, 2022
Most recipes here at Food52 are offered by community members not the site staffers.

I totally agree with the superiority of mass-based metric measurements -- particularly for baking recipes -- for a variety of reasons but the vast majority of Americans haven't seem to arrived at this conclusion. Pity.

You will have to do the measurement conversion yourself using one of several tools. There have been standalone unit conversion apps for decades. With the advent of the World Wide Web, there are sites that provide ingredient conversion tools; the conversions from reputable sites are pretty good.

More recently there are sites where you enter the URL for an online recipe page and the site will convert the recipe for you. I do not know how accurate these sites are at parsing and processing data. Based on my experience with voicemail transcription services, I would use these sites with caution.

Anyhow, you'll just have to do for yourself what the recipe author would have had to do if he/she wanted to.

If you use an online tool, bookmark it because it is likely you will need to do this again for other recipes anyhow, whether they be online on in print.

Best of luck.
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