Submit Your Recipes to Food52’s Holiday Community Cookbook

From grandma's dinner rolls to top-secret cranberry sauce, we want to see your favorite holiday recipes.

November  7, 2022
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Editor's note: We've updated the Community Cookbook submission requirements to remove the request for a video submission, which is now optional.

Halloween is gone, and that means that the winter holidays are fast approaching. Here at Food52, we’re breaking out all our favorite cookie recipes, brushing up on our turkey knowledge, and, of course, thinking about all the holiday meals and treats to come. This year, we’ve decided to launch something a little bit different: a giant Community Cookbook, made by intrepid Food52 fans.

That’s right! We’re bringing the annual Food52 Holiday Swap to more users than ever before—to the entire Food52 community. Rather than pairing community members as we have in the past, we're allowing you to “swap” your recipe with our millions of readers. And if you participate, you’ll unlock access to Food52’s 2022 Holiday Community Cookbook recipe roundup on our site.

Wondering how to join? All you need to do is submit your favorite holiday recipe on our site with a photo and share it using the hashtag #Food52Holiday across Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Optionally, you can submit a video on social making the recipe as well! Personal stories are encouraged! We want to hear all about your grandma’s dinner rolls, your secret to the best-ever green beans, your best friend’s holiday tamales, and all the other special dishes that you always have on the table. Submit as many recipes as you’d like, and browse through all the others that Food52-ers have whipped up. There’s no limit to the number that you can add—so keep those pies, casseroles, salads, and cranberry sauces coming.

Starting November 7th, simply post your recipe with a photo on Food52 and tag it with the hashtag on social media. Over the coming weeks, our team will look through all of the submissions and post our favorites on social media all season long (we’ll even make some of them too!). And as a special thank you to our participants, the Food52 Holiday Swap will culminate in a digital ‘Community Cookbook’ destination on-site that houses all of the 2022 Holiday Swap recipes, and will feature a video bringing together highlights from our community’s most thoughtful and inspiring videos.

We can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you make for your holiday season!

Have questions? Drop 'em in the comments below!
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Margaret Eby

Written by: Margaret Eby

Editorial Lead of Food, Food52


SwellKel56 November 27, 2022
I thought I somehow missed my email for the Food52HolidaySwap...but alas I did not...I never saw the recipe event until I searched for the 2022 Holiday Swap and couldn't' find anything. I look forward to doing this every year and this year my box was going to actually be sent on time...ugh! so disappointed.
Jainy P. November 16, 2022
I submitted a recipe but I forgot to hashtag it! What do I do?
Caroline S. November 15, 2022
Thanks FOOD 52 for reading and responding to commenters. Happy moving into your new quarters...and maintaining your eagerly-anticipated posts!
[email protected] November 12, 2022
I’m so frustrated because I’d love to participate but asking for a photo AND a video, combined with the social media posts—It’s too much! Especially for those of us who do not use social media at all! Is there any way to accommodate or minimize the requirements?
Alex H. November 14, 2022
Thank you for your feedback! We've updated the requirements to make the video submission optional.
Amanda H. November 14, 2022
And you only need to post it on one social media platform, not all 3!
Sharon January 3, 2023
What if you don't do social media?
Kim November 12, 2022
Oh whoa, way too much. All I have to do is submit the recipe - AND a photo, a video, and share it on 3 social media platforms that I don't even use. I would be happy to share a recipe from my grandmother, but not will all of the other requirements. I would love to have access to the accumulated recipes, even if there is a small charge.
Alex H. November 14, 2022
Thank you for your feedback! We've updated the requirements to make the video submission optional.
Amanda H. November 14, 2022
Also -- you only need to post it on 1 social media platform, not 3!
Elyse M. November 12, 2022
I look forward to the holiday swap every year and am so sad to hear its not happening in 2022. Equating this online recipe forum to the swap is a stretch at best. Hopefully it comes back next year with the same sweetness it always had.
JLark88 November 12, 2022
Totally agree! The Holiday Swap was the best! So very sad to see it go,
and I know many people will be disappointed. It was such a special, personal way to connect people and it will really, really be missed.
SwellKel56 November 27, 2022
I couldn't figure out why I had not receive an email yet for the Food52HolidaySwap. I am so bummed!
Margot M. November 11, 2022
This seems like a nice idea, but I wonder if Food52 can pull it off in time for the holidays. I submitted a recipe—my first one—to Food52 two weeks ago. I haven't received any acknowledgment that it's been received, and there is no sign of it anywhere. I understand that Food52 reviews recipes before posting them, but two weeks plus seems like an awfully long time to get something online. Customer Support has not been able to even confirm that it's in a queue somewhere. I have several other great recipes to share, but, frankly, don't know if it's worth the time to enter them in the "Add Recipe" form.
SusanR November 9, 2022
What the three posters before me said are right on point. Food52 the blog really no longer exists. I like Mary K’s comment about sending a box to the gifted you received from last year. Great idea!
Alex H. November 10, 2022
Susan, thank you for your feedback. You will see an increased amount of new, fresh, and exciting food content from us this holiday season and into the new year. Mary's mention of sending a gift to your former Holiday Swap partner from last year is great -- and we fully support! The Holiday Swap will be back in a bigger and better way next year.
- Alex Hughes, VP of Content @ Food52
FJ November 12, 2022
This is too much to ask for to submit a recipe. Love the collective idea but it really exposes a generational gap, doesn't it?
I barely received any acknowledgement from my recipient last much so I had to ask after knowing the package had been delivered (I waited 10 days--porch pirates?). I put a lot of thought to the contents of that box and probably spent too much money.
The person who sent my box told me she had googled my address and found our home to be lovely. I felt a little violated to be honest.
For those reasons, I was not going to participate in the swap this year.
I'm glad others had positive experiences from last year. I have had those in the past as well and it was wonderful!
judy November 8, 2022
Increased commercialization, more home are and less and less about food. I know times are tough, but I think I will pass. I can look up recipes, but Food52 no longer really feels like a site for foodies so much as one for people looking for home related products.
Alex H. November 10, 2022
Judy, thank you for your feedback. You will be seeing more and more fresh and new food-focused content from us this holiday season, and into 2023!
- Alex Hughes, VP of Content @ Food52
Jackie November 7, 2022
Sounds like a solicitation for free content from your readers.
Alex H. November 10, 2022
Jackie, thank you for your candor. With the Community Cookbook, we want to be able to highlight our community's holiday recipes in a special destination. We'll be bringing back Holiday Swap in a new and bigger way next year!
- Alex Hughes, VP of Content @ Food52
Mary-Kate S. November 7, 2022
Hmm. An online recipe database just doesn't have that personal touch I was looking forward to in the Holiday Swap. I saw in the Hotline forums someone mention they may just send a gift to their gifter from last year's swap, and I may follow suit!
Thanks for trying to mix it up, but I think I'll opt out of this one...
Alex H. November 10, 2022
Thank you for your feedback, Mary-Kate! We are not able to pull off Holiday Swap this year, but it will be back and better than ever next year. With this year's initiative, we wanted to create this opportunity to bring our community’s holiday recipes into a single destination ‘Community Cookbook’ feature for our users.
As an alternative, I love that idea from the Hotline forums you mentioned!
- Alex Hughes, VP of Content @ Food52