How much brandy and mushrooms? They are missing from the ingredient list.

How much brandy? It’s not in the ingredient list and neither are the mushrooms.

Chef Neen
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1 Comment

702551 September 20, 2022
When online instructions are missing something, the first thing to do is to check to see if it was posted elsewhere on the Internet.

A quick inquiry (using the terms "Steak Diane With Miyazakigyu Wagyu Ribeye double8") on a search engine (yeah, one of those websites people used to use 10-15 years ago) brings up this page as the #2 hit:

which calls for 1/2 lb. button mushrooms and 1/2 C. brandy.

Note that this type of Internet sleuthing isn't exclusive to food recipes. It can be used for any set of perplexing instructions: auto repair, Linux system administration, knitting, whatever.

Anyhow, best of luck.
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