Grape skins left in pie filling?

Are the grape skins left in the pie filling? I don’t see them removed before filling the crust, and I’ve never had a grape pie, but seems odd and wanted to verify before making. I have a some moondrop grapes I want to make a pie with.

  • Posted by: Laura
  • September 23, 2022
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Recipe question for: Concord Grape Pie

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702551 September 23, 2022
Yes, they need to be baked with the pulp for color extraction from the skins. Like most grapes, the Concord cultivar have a light colored flesh. Without the skins, the pie filling will end up being light colored.

The skins also contribute some tannins and other flavor compounds in addition to pigment.

Red wine is that color because the skins are included during primary fermentation. If you hold out red grape skins, you'll end up with white wine (like pinot grigio or blanc de noirs champagne made from pinot noir grapes).

Rosé wines are normally made by limiting the contact time the dark skins have with the fermenting must.

Moon drop grapes also have light flesh. If you want your pie filling to be purple, include the skins. If you hold out a bunch of the skins, you might end up with a lighter colored filling.

Best of luck.
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