What is the chocolate for? 🤦‍♂️🤣 It’s listed in the ingredients but never added to the recipe!

I’ll assume it’s added after the cream and butter “almost boil” but I just wanna make sure. 😏

Dark Chocolate Truffles
Recipe question for: Dark Chocolate Truffles


702551 September 25, 2022
A step is missing. You're making a ganache which by definition is chocolate and cream. Typically one would sieve the cooked cream-butter mixture into the chocolate and mix until blended. (This would between steps 2 and 3 in this recipe).

Here's a better proofed recipe:


Best of luck.
mikedalena September 27, 2022
Thank you! 🥰
Nancy September 25, 2022
Mike - read through step 3 again.
Roll the shaped balls in the cocoa powder.
It’s a traditional finish, and confirmed - if you need that - by the photo.
mikedalena September 25, 2022
Read through the recipe again, especially step three. There is no mention of the chocolate anywhere except for in the list of ingredients. As you suggest I would be rolling milk and butter in cocoa powder which won’t work. Is the milk/butter mixture added to the chocolate that is still sitting in the bowl? Is the chocolate added to the milk in the pot? When is it added? Where is it added? Cocoa is used to make chocolate but is not chocolate- it’s cocoa powder. So far I have hot milk and butter in a pot on the stove, a bowl of chopped up chocolate in a bowl on the counter, and no instructions on what to do next. It just jumps to a finishing step without being finished. LOL. 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for your attempt to help but the photo does nothing to confirm the use of chocolate, which is not cocoa powder, which is confirmed - if you need that - by the use of language.
Nancy September 25, 2022
Sorry, I skipped to the cocoa step and didn't thoroughly read the whole recipe.
There is a step common in truffle recipes which was assumed or omitted here...the mixture of melted chocolate in cream needs to be chilled (about 1-2 hr) and then rolled into balls.
THEN roll the balls in cocoa powder.
Have a look at another (reliable) recipe for detailed instructions.
Nancy September 25, 2022
2nd apology. I really misread your question.
But/and both the other recommended recipes (from 792551 and me) give full descriptions of traditional chocolate truffle.
mikedalena September 27, 2022
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