So far the jelly has not "set", it is pretty thin looking. Can I and what can I do to save this batch of Habanero Pepper Jelly?

corn cobs had been frozen, used two quartz of water and liquid pectin. I did not have
3 1/2 cups of corn water when done boiling and added more water to make the 3 1/2 cups.

  • Posted by: sheila
  • October 9, 2022
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Recipe question for: Habanero Corn Cob Jelly

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QueenSashy October 10, 2022
How long has it been? It may take more than 24 hour for jelly to fully set. But if it has not, don;t worry it's not beyond repair. There are several ways to fix runny jelly, here is a good overview article. Hope it helps.
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