What should I serve with this?

I want to fix this for some company. I’m thinking a Malibu Breeze as cocktail along with Shrimp and Grits mini cups. I want to do an old fashioned Peach Cake as dessert. What other sides should I add? Green beans pan toasted with sesame seeds?



702551 October 16, 2022
Side dishes: serve what you think your dinner guests will enjoy. That's the most important thing a cook does: ensure his/her guests are satisfied.

That said, this looks like a pretty boldly flavored chicken dish so invariably one of those side dishes at my table would be a simple green salad. But do as you like. Green beans with sesame beans sounds good to me, but it's your guest list that you need to please, not me or my mom.

For the Northern Hemisphere, peaches are out of season. Different varieties grow all over North America but their peak time is long past. If you want something seasonal, try a dessert featuring apples, pears, or persimmons. If you don't care about seasonality, head to the freezer section of your supermarket and grab some frozen peaches.

Best of luck.
Nancy October 16, 2022
NonaDebbie -
First, your meal sounds fine as is and very festive!
Second, if you want a second opinion, here goes.
Yes, serve a green vegetable as side dish, and maybe a (seasonal) roasted squash, in wedges or quarters.
Grits are very southern and a nice addition. But/and in a meal with rice, is it too much in the way of carbs?
Last, peaches are also very southern, but may be out of season. Can you get good quality frozen ones to use in your cake? Otherwise, what other fruit is in good condition near you?
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