Whisk attachment for pie dough?

I am a regular stand mixer user with my beater attachment for my pie crusts but I recently saw a video of a chef using the whisk attachment instead. Have you ever tried this?

Stand-Mixer Pie Dough
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Nancy October 27, 2022
Agree with aargersi and Gammy.
The only thing that the whisk might be good for is quickly and thoroughly dispersing the chilled butter cubes into the flour.
Gammy October 27, 2022
I would think the whisk attachment would not be strong enough for pie crust.
aargersi October 27, 2022
Didn’t the dough stick all in it? I make mine in my food processor - the Cathy Barrow method - a few pulses, gather it up in cling wrap, chill. Boom, ready.
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