Can I freeze a smoked hamhock and use it later to make pinto beans?



nana November 4, 2017
okay I have a ham hock frozen how long is it still good to use?? do they get old after a while do I need to throw it away and buy a fresh one to use in my green beans

TheRunawaySpoon April 30, 2011
I frequently make a "hock stock" and freeze it. Usually just the smoked hock and water in the slow cooker. Then I bag it in portions to freeze. Then making braised greens or field peas with a really rich flavor takes less time.
aargersi April 30, 2011
And really one should never be without a ham hock at the ready!

ChefJune April 29, 2011
I freeze them all the time. In fact, I purchase them frozen from an organic farmer at the Greenmarket. And I've also successfully frozen the cooked beans and hocks.
student E. April 29, 2011
definitely! i do this quite frequently with red beans and it works well!
sarah K. April 29, 2011
Sure! Why not? Just wrap it well in foil or freezer paper, then put it into a freezer bag.
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