I don't eat pork. I would prefer this soup to be vegetarian, or to substitute another meat such as chicken. Any s

Any suggestions? I want to retain the rustic, umami flavors.

Marc Lieber


Olga K. November 9, 2022
Hi Marc, you can absolutely use poultry. This soup is delicious especially with duck. All you have to do is substitute duck for pork and proceed in the same way. Let me know if you have any follow up questions. There are endless variations of this soup. I can start working on a vegetarian version. Pro tip: serve it with sourdough buckwheat bread it will enhance the rustic nature of the dish. Buckwheat flour used to be the staple of Ukrainian backing before the industrialization of white flour.
Nancy November 8, 2022
Just do a web search for “buckwheat soup Ukrainian” and you’ll find many versions…I saw beef, chicken or mushroom. Plenty of umami. Read through and see which one(s) appeal to you.
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