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Thank you for posting this! I had the delicious olive oil doughnut with coriander and apricot at Bluebird, and was told it was finished with orange blossom water. If I wanted to do the same with this Cardamom recipe, how would you suggest this be done (and still have the pistachios)?

Cardamom Doughnuts
Recipe question for: Cardamom Doughnuts


AntoniaJames April 29, 2011
I often enhance the "nose" of baked goods like biscuits and scones by simply adding the flavoring agent to butter that is brushed on, either before or immediately after baking (depending on the stability and baking properties of the ingredient). In this case, I'd probably add the orange water to the butter that's brushed on before dipping in sugar. Or, you might be able to scent the dusting sugar with it. (I don't know for sure, though, as I've never tried that. It seems like it would be worth a try.) ;o)
Amanda H. April 29, 2011
No worries! I'd add a few drops to the melted butter before brushing the doughnuts with it. Add 1/8 teaspoon orange flower water, then taste it and add more if desired.
brooklynite April 29, 2011
sorry I was unclear! How would I finish it with orange blossom water?

Amanda H. April 29, 2011
Do you mean the orange blossom water part? Or do you mean also the olive oil, coriander and apricot?
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