Any recommendations for making ahead and reheating?

Would like to make as a Thanksgiving side but hope to do most work before the big day. Has anyone made it ahead? Would you recommend re-heating stove top? Might it need a little extra stock then? Should I save adding the cheese and thyme till after I re-heat to serve on Thanksgiving day? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Jeannie
  • November 17, 2022
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Double Mushroom & Kale Farro
Recipe question for: Double Mushroom & Kale Farro

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Leslie E. November 17, 2022
Hi Jeannie!

I'm honored that you'll be sharing my recipe at your Thanksgiving.
Your instincts are right here-- I would leave out the cheese and herbs when you initially make this and add them when you reheat it before serving. As for reheating itself, I recommend doing that on the stovetop over medium-low to medium and adding a bit of warm stock as needed so it doesn't dry out. Happy cooking!
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