Delaying the bake/ Rise in the fridge

Any chance the 3rd rise would work well in the fridge overnight?

  • Posted by: MZolz
  • November 20, 2022
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Crusty Peasant Rolls
Recipe question for: Crusty Peasant Rolls

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Lori T. November 20, 2022
I wouldn't want to bet on it. I think the third rise is getting close to what the max effort of your yeast could produce, and it's only a short time- half an hour. Maybe longer if your dough was fridge cold after that second rise. Rather than risk an overrise and dead dough with a third cold rise in the fridge- I would suggest you just bake it off and the store at room temp for a day or freeze for longer storage. I can tell you from experience that they do freeze well, and reheat nicely.
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