Can I turn a can of chocolate icing into brownie battery

Hubby's Craving brownies



Nancy November 29, 2022
One opinion.
Possibly, but there is less chocolate content in frosting than is needed to really flavor a batch of brownies. Further, the chemical composition of frosting is different enough from chocolate (more fat, sugar, maybe artificial ingredients to ensure smooth spreading, etc.) that it would require lots of adjustments.
I think a better solution, assuming you have standard baking supplies in the pantry, is to make a batch of blondies and too then with the chocolate frosting.
This way you’ll have no worrying recipe adjustments to make and get more chocolate taste.
There are loads of blondie recipes on this site, or others, for you to choose.
Enjoy! ( and please tell us what you decided to make)
Nancy November 29, 2022
Should read “and top them”
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