Baking pan conversion. Can I bake a cake designed for a loaf plan in a round or springform pan?

Thank you!

  • Posted by: jahn
  • December 6, 2022


Lori T. December 6, 2022
Kind of depends on the thickness of the batter, really- and how liquid tight the springform pan is, to determine if you can bake a cake batter in it. The other thing to consider is the volume of batter, and the volume of the pan. You would not want to overfill either one. Baking times would also change, obviously. Not knowing what sort of cake you have in mind, it's hard to advise better.
Nancy December 7, 2022
To Lori’s point about the volume of the pan and implicitly if the batter.
There are charts showing volumes of baking pans.
See King Arthur Flour, all recipes or Joy of Baking. Or the article here by Alice Medrich on using one pan to bake all your cakes.
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