How do I cook two rib roasts (6lbs and 13lbs) in the same oven on different racks?

Since the roasts are such different sizes, I plan to put the larger one in first, but
which should go on the upper rack? Any other suggestions on how to accomplish this would be welcome. Thank you.

  • Posted by: John
  • December 15, 2022


Lori T. December 16, 2022
The oven tends to be hotter the higher inside you go, how much difference depends on your oven and how far apart we are talking about the racks being. If there is no way to have the roasts sitting side by side about half-way inside the oven, then I'd suggest rotating the roasts bottom to top. You can calculate the baking time depending on the size and oven temp, and then do the rotation when the larger one is about half done. Or you could consider cutting your very large roast in half, which will give you three of roughly the same size, and they should cook in about the same amount of time regardless of where they are in the oven. You could still rotate them top to bottom at the half way point to equal out any variance in temp, but it would not be as critical.
John December 16, 2022
Thank you!
MMH December 16, 2022
I agree. I would make them the same size.
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