Need details about drying the salami

Thanks for posting this recipe. I love fig salami and I've been wanting to make it as a Christmas or host gift. Any details you can share about how long to dry, how to store while drying would be super helpful. Thank you again!



Noviegirl December 18, 2022
Grazie mille!
divinacucina December 18, 2022
Ciao, how long it takes to dry depends on the temperature in your house. I actually hang mine in the kitchen like in the foto , wrapped in kitchen parchment.
But try just letting it set up in the fridge overnight, it won't be "dry", but you can slice it. There are other recipes where instead of the Vin Cotto( in the recipe i suggested cooking down prune juice) we use boiled honey and sugar like for panforte and lightly bake it to help drying. I have a fig and walnut panforte on my website, and you can also add some chocolate or cocoa powder to make it darker brown like meat. Every mamma has her recipe! have fun.

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