Can I make this with fish (e.g., salmon) or a vegetarian version instead of ham?

I am not a meat eater, I do eat fish. I understand from the recipe that the salty ham plays off the melty cheese. Can one make this recipe using fish or a vegetable? I'm thinking salmon or chopped mushrooms. Or better yet, a mix of salmon and mushroom! Thoughts?

Marc Lieber


Lori T. December 22, 2022
I don't know about adding in mushrooms, but I did often enjoy tapas in Spain, and croquetas made with salt cod- bacalao, as it's called. Maybe you could do a web search for recipes like that and sub in salmon. I have had them made with quite a few other additions, including vegetables, so I think there would be a method to add in mushrooms. They would need to be cooked to start, so you removed the majority of the water which could dilute the béchamel. Then snitch the aioli recipe from this recipe, and enjoy.
Nancy December 22, 2022
Lori (and Marc) - I have had similar experience in Spain with salt cod tapas, and with salmon croquettes of various I think the substitution by volume of salmon for the serrano ham would easily work.
On a vegetable croquetta (whether mushroom or other) I also think you'd need another recipe for directions on volume and how to handle the vegetable.
Here's one example using spinach.
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