I made these for New Year's Eve and had trouble with the croquetas developing "holes" in their crust and the creamy inside oozing out before th...

...e frying period was through. I kept them chilled until just before cooking...wondering where I went wrong: should I have double-coated them, was my oil at the wrong temperature (a cube of bread toasted in the oil, so I deemed it hot enough), ???? Thoughts anyone who has had success with this recipe. (By the way, despite their appearance, they were delicious!!



Sonali A. January 3, 2012
I think its all about getting a nice even coating on the croquetas. Next time, why don't you try crushing the panko breadcrumbs a little to make them finer so that you can get a more even coating and prevent the filling from oozing out? I was at the end of a bag of panko when I created this dish and noticed that the croquetas coated in the finer textured/crushed breadcrumbs at the bottom of the bag had a slightly more even coating. In terms of oil temperature, I think around 350 degrees is where you want to be. Other than that, it's all about keeping them cold before frying, but it sounds like you already did that. Thanks for trying the recipe!
OlgaMarie January 3, 2012
Did you add more cheese than the recipe called for? If you did, that might be the answer. I have made these croquetas both ways, freezing and chilling them and the ONLY time they oozed was when I added more cheese than the recipe called for. It wasnt a big deal, although not as pretty and not as good when cold, my guests devoured them. btw, this is a wonderful recipe to make and freeze.
Merrill S. January 3, 2012
Hmm. We were actually amazed that not a single one of ours burst or even oozed! We definitely coated them thoroughly, but we didn't do a double-coating. How long did you chill them for? And Happy New Year!
Rhonda35 January 3, 2012
I chilled them for 2 hours after coating them - certainly should have been enough time, right? I'm wondering if I needed more oil and a hotter temp. My other thought was that I could actually partially freeze them after coating and then add them to the hot oil that way. I guess I will have to play around with it till I get it right - they were so delicious and the aioli was fantastic.
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