2 separate beef wellingtons or 1 big kne

I have 1 big piece of meat and 1 smaller one. Can I put them both next to each other to make 1 big Wellington or should I make 2 separate ones ? If together do I sear them separately or together (hence the sides touching won't be seared).



Lori T. December 31, 2022
If it were me, I think I'd be more tempted to make individual and smaller size Wellingtons instead. That way you can be sure all of them cook in the same time, and it solves the issue of two large but different size bits of meat. Slightly more work, but since you already have all the components really only thing is cutting the meat into steaks and cutting the pastry into sections. The final cook takes less time, and you get serious cooking cred when it hits the table.
Nancy December 31, 2022
And making two allows the cook to monitor for doneness if different between them - either accidentally from oven heat spirs or on purpose to accommodate guest preferences for rare or medium.
Nancy December 31, 2022
“Heat spots”
drbabs December 31, 2022
I’ve never made beef Wellington, but if it were me, I’d make them separately.
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