Do you have any "adequate" substitute for butter in the recipe? I keep kosher and would love to make the recipe, but can't use any dairy. Thank...

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Anitalectric May 3, 2011
If I were doing this recipe, (BTW, great find! Looks scrumptious) I would substitute half canola oil and half coconut oil (the extra virgin/unrefined kind has the most flavor). Chill the batter before scooping out cookies and baking. That will solve the spreading issue.

You could even go the extra mile and roll the batter into logs inside of parchment paper, then freeze 'em. You'll have slice and bake cookies ready to go for the next time you want some. (multiply the recipe by at least 2).

You could do all canola oil, but the coconut oil adds some crazy richness and flavor that really goes well with chocolate.

Check out the book Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. There are so many different kinds of cookies to choose from and they are all dairy-free.

If you want to get fancy, you can substitute coconut butter instead of coconut oil. (Lower fat, more fiber, more coconut flavor). They have it at some Indian specialty food stores (don't get the coconut oil there, it is always refined), or if you have a vitamix you can make it by just blending dried, unsweetened coconut into a paste (make sure the blender is very dry before you start or it will turn out gummy). Same idea as making peanut butter.

Canola oil is not a very exciting ingredient, but it is very versatile in baking and always gives me better results than Earth Balance or other butter alternatives (it's also cheaper). Sunflower oil is my third choice.
vvvanessa May 2, 2011
earth balance is a good vegan butter substitute that works well in most cookie recipes. shortening will work, too, though you should expect a texture change (and a less buttery quality, of course). i would not recommend trying coconut oil on its own, though-- while it is solid at room temperature, once it hits the oven it will spread your cookies flat.
boulangere May 1, 2011
Check in with Anitalectric:

She's a vegan baker.

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hardlikearmour May 1, 2011
I'd go with Earth Balance vegan margarine. It has a similar water & fat composition to butter. Alternately I'd try coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature. I'd use 1 cup and add 2 tablespoons of water or coffee with the eggs. (Which keeps the water & fat composition about the same as butter.)
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