Any advice for baking jonnycakes instead of frying?

Can anyone advise how best to bake these? Sounds like there's a traditional version roasted on stones - could they be baked in the oven on a pizza stone maybe? Has anyone tried baking in lieu of frying?

  • Posted by: TBM
  • January 27, 2023
Caribbean Johnny Cakes
Recipe question for: Caribbean Johnny Cakes


C S. January 27, 2023
We make a New England Johnny cake and bake it in a cast iron muffin pan. You put the pan in the oven while it pre-heats to about 375-400 degrees and then brush the hot pan with oil before putting in the batter. It forms a nice crust as soon as the batter hits the hot pan. My recipe is just cornmeal, flour, sugar, soda and buttermilk.
Nancy January 27, 2023
I know johnny cakes made from either flour or corn meal and both are good. I mostly know recipes that fry them (in the house or out camping).
But there are many recipes that bake, especially from the Caribbean.
Common baking instructions 350F for total 45 min (with an interruption to brush butter over partly baked).
The only thing I would note is that baking them will result in more of a bread or cornbread, than the individual Johnny Cakes with a nice crust.
Sample recipe:
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