Could you please add how many servings and the active vs total time

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I used to have a great rosemary focaccia recipe but can’t seem to find it right now. I’d like to make 1 focaccia but don’t know how many it would serve so may need more? Hope you respond asap so I can make it soon!

No-Knead Focaccia
Recipe question for: No-Knead Focaccia


Gammy February 28, 2023
A bit confusing, isn't it? Appears to be a final count of 8 pieces, from step 5. Must be a delicious recipe, but seems awful busy to me for a no-knead bread recipe.
Nancy February 28, 2023
Gammy - yes!
I usually think of focaccia like pizza or pita - flat and fast.
Nancy February 28, 2023
Total time is about 3 hours (mixing, room temp rise and bake), but could be longer if you do some of the rising in the fridge, active time is estimated half to 3/4 hour.
Have made other focaccia, not this one, so servings are estimated.
Either the # of breads specified in the recipe.
Or servings by analogy from one lb loaf of bread cut in 16 slices. Per various recipes, a loaf needs 2 to 3 cups of flour. This recipe uses 6 & 3/4 cups,
so estimate equivalent 32 to 48 bits equivalent to a slice, or 16 to 32 servings if each person has 2 slices.
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