What Dessert Should I Make This Easter?

There are so many options... I want to find some of the best chocolatey easter desserts! I think some of the best easter treats are filled with chocolate and mini eggs so does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Posted by: MiniEgg
  • March 1, 2023


Stephanie G. March 3, 2023
Or, you could riff on a Simnel cake. Instead of marzipan for the disciples, you could make chocolate truffles.
MiniEgg March 2, 2023
Thanks so much for the ideas!
Nancy March 2, 2023
Colombo/a (dove shaped) cake, Italian traditional Easter dessert.
Served plain, with chocolate or with berries.
Wendy March 2, 2023
When my grandkids are with me for Easter, I always make a chocolate fantasy type cake, completely crowned with their favourite Easter treats. Choose your favourite chocolate cake recipe, stroll internet images for inspiration, then create your cake topper from store bought or homemade Easter treats. I usually take it out of the fridge and place it near the dining table for decoration during dinner.
Stephanie G. March 2, 2023
Maybe a chocolate cake with a yummy strawberry frosting? I made a chocolate carrot once from Food and Wine and it was delicious. Chocolate caramel tart?
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