Do you have any tips about making the pudding ahead of time? It looks like I can do the rice milk ahead of time, but what about the pudding?

I would love to make this for some guests who are vegan and allergic to coconuts and nuts. Any tips about making ahead?

  • Posted by: allison
  • March 29, 2023
Rice-Milk Rice Pudding
Recipe question for: Rice-Milk Rice Pudding


Charlie S. March 30, 2023
Restaurants do indeed often partially cook food to be finished later, but they also have blast chillers at their disposal to rapidly get the food below the zone where bacteria multiply rapidly.

Ones that do this and don't have blast chillers end up making people sick.

If you cannot do the dish right before serving, cook it all the way and then refrigerate. It won't be the best it could be, but it won't put you in the hospital either.
702551 March 29, 2023
A restaurant would cook the rice pudding to about 75% doneness and dump out onto a parchment paper lined sheet pan for rapid cooling to stop further cooking. They would then finish it off to order.

This is how restaurants also do risotto and similar dishes.
allison March 29, 2023
Thank you - I'll test it out today.
Nancy March 29, 2023
In addition or as an alternative, for home use I’ve cooked a full recipe of rice pudding, served some first day and held it in fridge maximum 4 days for later use.
Nancy March 30, 2023
See Charlie S’s comment above - if no blast chiller at home, cook dish all the way through.
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