What is the texture of the cookie?

These cookies look and sound delicious! What texture are they? I'm looking for something that isn't too crumbly and can hold its shape a little if moved around. Thanks!

Hibiscus Lemon Cookies
Recipe question for: Hibiscus Lemon Cookies


janeshomemade22 April 18, 2023
Thanks for the reply. If they travel well, then that sounds great - I look forward to trying this recipe!
Miss_Karen April 18, 2023
You shouldn't have any trouble with them. Let me know how it goes :)
Miss_Karen April 17, 2023
The texture is not quite as firm as shortbread. They are not crumbly. If you prepare them as slice & bake style, then they are firm, but not hard. If prepared as drop cookies rolled in sugar, then they are about the texture of a chocolate chip cookie. It's difficult to say EXACTLY but, they travel well and are not dry. I hope this helps.
Miss_Karen April 17, 2023
Tender. Not crunchy.
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