egg in a bagel hole recipe question

so cut bagel and inside down in pan. got it. BUT do you flip the bagel inside up and put the egg in one hole, than top with the other half. don't quit understand.

casandra klein
Egg in a Bagel Hole
Recipe question for: Egg in a Bagel Hole


Nancy May 11, 2023
For clarification, reread the headnote and step 1.

The recipe is making two toad-in-the-holes, each from half a bagel (cut side down) and one egg.

Author says to cut out some bread dough if needed to make it big enough to hold the egg. (You could also fry the extra dough and serve it along side.)
drbabs May 11, 2023
It looks like you do this one a a time with the split halves of the bagel. The inside part goes down on the frying pan, you slip the egg into the bagel hole from the top, and then you cover the pan so the egg cooks. Repeat with the second half of the bagel.
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