About the brown sugar.................

I have same question as one of the others (saw that their query went unanswered). So Erin, if you choose to use all brown sugar (as you mentioned using in your video) instead of the combo; brown & granulated, how much brown sugar do you use??????????
I'm in the middle of making this cake but figure I'll just look for a substitution online.
thanks, looks like a great cake!

Judith Richard


Nicole D. May 19, 2023
Hi Judith! You can sub it 1:1! As Rebecca Firkster noted, "With a 1:1 substitution, your baked goods will taste similar in terms of sweetness, but will be a tad more caramelly in flavor, and the texture will be softer and more moist." (https://food52.com/blog/25763-best-sugar-substitutes). I've also seen others recommend a 3/4 cup Brown Sugar to 1 cup Granulated Sugar ratio. Let us know what you chose to do!
Judith R. May 25, 2023
25 May 2023
Hey there Nicole,
thanks for your kind reply
Since I was in the middle of getting this to the oven when I posed the question, I chickened out and just followed the recipe as presented - turned out wonderfully well! Next time I'll use all b. sugar (I just love it so)
again, thanks for your time in replying to me
Judith R
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