Homemade Skillet Brownies (on the Grill)

I am making homemade brownies on the grill this weekend for my Dad & family (topped with some really good vanilla bean ice cream!). I have (sadly) never made brownies from scratch though , and I am stuck on some recipes.

I noticed some (ie. F&W) use brown sugar & oil, while others do not
I was hoping to use this recipe, for time & simplicity, but with the grilling method of indirect heat while cooking ; but I'm worried they won't turn out gooey & fudgey , and be too cake-y!

Anyone have experience with these or any advice? Thanks so much, I appreciate it!!

  • Posted by: Emily
  • June 16, 2023
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1 Comment

Nancy June 16, 2023
Emily - there are lots of recipes for both skillet brownies and fudgy ones, including the one you picked.

You’ve set yourself a very high standard for a special meal for your Dad and family - to make a recipe first time and guarantee the results.

Someone else may recommend a recipe that they like and have made before.

Even so, you won’t have done it before and not on your grill. It may not perfectly meet your expectations (been there, done that).

Here are three suggestions to help give you a great result:
• practice bake the recipe once before you serve it to guests (even if only a portion ). If good, rinse and repeat. If not perfect, adjust for the next batch.
• have on hand some fudge sauce (store bought or home made) in case the brownies aren’t fudgy enough. Serve it over the brownies under the vanilla ice cream.
• have on hand a back-up chocolate desert for the Father’s Day meal if the brownies don’t measure up. Save the less-than-perfect-brownies for home use later on.

Good luck with the baking/grilling, hope all turns out ok and have a lovely Father’s Day!
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