What can I make with a dragonfruit?

I was with my husband in Cincinnati all week and before coming home last night, we stopped at Jungle Jim's (to pick up the fresh squid for my recipe this week) and just to gawk and shop and I fell in love with the dragonfruit. Help me food52'ers...I want to make the most of these two beauties!!



sdebrango May 7, 2011
How beautiful, I bet it was just as delicious as it looks
lorigoldsby May 7, 2011
Thanks for the helpful suggestions everyone. I have had dragonfruit in sorbets so I was wanting to try a salad and I had also found the link to greenkitchenstories.com and I adapted a version of their fruit salad to play nicely with my shrimp and avocado. will post the recipe after lunch, but here is the picture.
SKK May 5, 2011
I am so glad you asked this question because I found this wonderful recipe using dragon fruit that I am going to make tonight. It has avocado and madademian nuts and mint. http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/dragon-fruit-recipes-a-la-alkaline-sisters/
boulangere May 5, 2011
Yes, sdebrango, you described its flavor profile perfectly. It's easily overwhelmed by too many flavors and ingredients.
sdebrango May 5, 2011
Boulangere you read my mind was going to suggest lime added to sorbet. I think it will enhance the flavor of the dragonfruit really brighten it. Dragonfruit it think has a flavor similar to a cross between a kiwi and a pear. If you want to do a salad maybe spring greens with dragonfruit, gorgonzola and walnuts would be nice.
boulangere May 5, 2011
Ooooh! Sounds great with avocado and shrimp!
dymnyno May 5, 2011
Dragonfruit makes a great sorbet, and is beautiful when served in the hollowed out shell. Also a great addition to fruit salads.
lorigoldsby May 5, 2011
Thanks guys! I also did a quick search and got lots of fruit salads and desserts...i was hoping for some entree or entree salad types of dishes. found one with avocado and shrimp I may adapt. keep the ideas coming in please...
boulangere May 5, 2011
It makes a wonderful sorbet flavored with just a bit of lime, and perhaps consider using a sparkling wine for your liquid.
sdebrango May 5, 2011
I did a little research because I didn't know very much about Dragonfruit, there are quite a few recipes from fruit salad to sorbet to cocktails. I had Dragonfruit in a fruit salad when I was in the Caribbean on vacation one year it might make a very interesting drink like a frozen dragonfruit daquiri or a refreshing sorbet.
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