A question about a recipe: Best Berry Cobbler

I have a question about step 3 on the recipe "Best Berry Cobbler" from Fritzie. It says:

"Mix the berries (thawed), juice and 1 cup sugar and pour on top of the batter."

Hello......can I substitute the berries with blueberries? And......should I buy juice separately even if the berries are frozen???

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Recipe question for: Best Berry Cobbler


ChefJune May 6, 2011
If the blueberries are frozen, they are going to mush up a bit, and also likely have a bit of ice attached to them. I would just go with that liquid and add maybe a couple of tablespoons of Creme de Cassis for both consistency and flavor.
Pastry N. May 6, 2011
You can almost always substitute berries if they're similar in size but keep consistency in mind as well. Blueberries are softer so they can cook down more rapidly and release more liquid in doing so, so you may want to reduce the amount of juice/water. If substituting blueberries, I would reduce the liquid by as much as 3 tablespoons and add a moderate pinch of flour to the step 3 mixture.

As far as juice goes, I would say to simply reserve any excess from the berries after thawing and see how much you end up with, then top off with more water or juice of a similar kind to get the required 1 cup. OJ is a good and relatively cheap add in but beware of the high acid.

Hope this helps!
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